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Monday, September 11, 2017

When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations : Hello all a very warm welcome on my blog. As you all know that diwali is the biggest festival which is ever celebrated in India. Diwali is known to be as festival of lights and it is Hindu festival which is celebrated. There are various reason behind the celebrations of diwali festival. Mostly this festival is celebrated in the month of October & November. On this day this is celebrated i many different countries like in India, Pakistan, Fiji, Guyana, Malaysia, Mauritius , Myanmar etc. But now this festival is celebrated in the whole world. There is different view on this day when we see it from outside the earth. You will be able to see a great lighting on earth and it really looks like heaven. Here we have providing you the full details about diwali festival that when we celebrate it , why we celebrate it and what is the main reason behind the celebrations and how people from these countries spend their day on this occasion. So below is the mentioned points in different categories which you can read and know more about this eve.

verynicepic-When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

When Diwali is celebrated ?

There is always a question in our mind that when we celebrate it and why this season or month. But there is specific reason for this. First of all let us tell you that there are different names of this festival such as “Deepawali” or “Dipavali” and in other countries like Mauritius and Nepal it is called to be as ‘Tihar. This festival is celebrated in the season or in between season of autumn and spring every year. This year we will be celebrating Diwali festival on 19th Of October 2017. So these are some of our concern about this question and we have provided you the full details here. If you have any other serious concern on this then you can definitely contact us for more deep details. Let move to another question.

verynicepic-When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

Why Diwali Is Celebrated ?

Now we know that when people celebrates this eve and then the other sudden question which comes on our mind is why ? is there any incident behind it ? Yes , there is. We all know about God Ram. As Devil Raavan took sita with himself and god Ram who spent 14 years of life in saving Maa Sita. After destroying Devil Ravan Ram came back to ayodhya saving lives of local residence. In that news all the people there lightened candles & diyas outside their homes which represents a new light in their lives. So diwali festival is celebrated because victory of light over darkness, evil wins over devil, truth wins over lie and finally a positive hope wins. So this the reason we still celebrate this festival. This festival is five day festival according to Hindu religion myths. So now its time to know about diwali celebrations and decorations that how people love to enjoy their day.

How People From India Celebrates Diwali Festival ?

verynicepic-When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

       When you are aware about when and why Diwali is celebrated then the only next thing comes in our mind is how people celebrate it every year. But the most amazing this is we will tell you all about this below mentioned points. 
  • Before diwali celebrations, people clean their homes, offices, shops and their work places for good will.
  • People from different regions decorates their homes & offices with creative decorative items & flowers and colored lights.
  • People renovate their homes like by painting their homes or by applying wood work at home.
  • Many people buy steel utensils for their homes on regular basis.
verynicepic-When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

  • On the day of diwali festival,people buy colored candles for home or they light diya’s which is made up of clay by putting oil and placing slim stick of cotton.
  • Many of the young people burn crackers on this day.
  • People do Maa lakshmi pooja at home.
  • People wear new ethnic clothes.
  • Many of people share sweets with their loved ones and relatives.
  • Some people organize a great party at home or farm house with their siblings.
  • Some people share food, chocolates and sweets with poor people who cannot afford to celebrate it.
verynicepic-When ,Why & How Diwali is Celebrated | About Diwali Celebrations

So these are the few points which i have mentioned about how diwali is celebrated. So i hope you have enjoyed reading the article and now you are very much aware of that how diwali is celebrated and why and how. Wish you all a very good day. I hope this time you will celebrate green diwali. Lets make our country pollution free. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali 2017.

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